07 czerwca 2020, Imieniny: Jarosław, Robert, Wiesław
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Ocalone w tłumaczeniu

Ocalone walory artystyczne i wierność oryginałowi.

I proceeded: at last my way opened, the trees thinned a little; presently I beheld a railing, then the house – scarce, by this dim light, distinguishable from the trees; so damp and green were its decaying walls. Entering a portal, fastened only by a latch, I stood within a space of enclosed ground, from which the wood swept away in a semicircle. There were no flowers, no garden-beds; only a broad gravel-walk bordering a stretch of grass, and this set in the heavy frame of the forest. The house presented two pointed gables in its front; the windows were latticed and narrow: the front door was narrow too, one step led up to it. The whole looked, as the host of Rochester Arms had said, “quite a desolate spot”. It was as still as a church on a week-day: the pattering rain on the forest leaves was the only sound.

taken from Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë